Announcing the LENS Webinar Series

LENS Webinar Series

ESS’s Hanna Wacklin-Knecht introduces the LENS webinar series in June 2020.

LENS presents a live webinar roughly every two weeks. Each webinar should last about an hour, and will feature a guest lecturer and an interactive Q&A via Zoom. The webinars are also streamed live to the LENS website, where they are recorded and archived.

Currently, the webinars will alternate between two themes: how neutron science contributes to the fight against global health threats; and new directions in neutron instrumentation.

10 September 2020: Global Health Threats
Cancer-related research using neutrons

How does the Bcl-2 Protein family regulate apoptosis at the mitochondrial membrane level?
Gerhard Gröbner, Umeå University
Towards the catalytic cycle of a multidrug ABC (“ATP-Binding Cassette”) transporter
Jean-Michel Jault, Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)

08 October 2020: Global Health Threats
Microbial resistance and novel antibiotics
Prof. Jeremy Lakey, Structural Biochemistry, Biosciences Institute, The Medical School, University of Newcastle
Prof. Martin Malmsten, LEO Foundation Center for Cutaneous Drug Delivery, Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen

Global Health Threats

Advances in neutron instrumentation have made neutron scattering an essential part of research in soft condensed matter, structural biology and the health sciences generally.

This webinar series is organised by LENS Working Group 3 to engage the biomedical research communities in defining how neutron scattering infrastructures can contribute to solving some of the current major challenges.

The webinars will consist of presentations by leading experts from both neutron scattering and the health research communities, followed by a chance to discuss and ask them questions about their work.   

Further webinars on topics related to research on some of the major health challenges of the aging population in the developed world are envisaged from August 2020 onwards on a bi-weekly basis:

  • Cancer
  • Amyloid aggregation and Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s disease
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes type II
  • Antibiotic resistance and new pathogens
  • Drug development and delivery systems

New Directions in Instrumentation

New instruments and recent upgrades at European neutron sources, together with the world-leading instrument designs under construction for ESS, are bringing rapid changes to neutron science methods and science areas.

Progress in instrumentation is key to the advancement of scientific knowledge and the development of new and improved technologies. Sophisticated instrument concepts enable scientists to perform experiments with greater precision or higher sensitivity and to answer increasingly complex questions. 

The webinars will feature live presentations of novel instrument concepts by leading experts from LENS member facilities, followed by an interactive Q&A session. The aim is to generate discussion, to develop new and existing contacts, and to disseminate the current capabilities and developments. 

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